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SciQ – Jayde Lovell

Neurophysiologist Jayde Lovell is obsessed with the human body, and she’s here to help you understand how yours interacts with the crazy and ever-changing world around it!

What does it mean to be transgender? Is vaping bad for you? What happens to your skin if you bleach it?

Jayde knows the questions that swirl around the modern mind, and she’s poured over the best research... so you don’t have to! Aided by her trusty producer, Bec Gill, and her director, Mizanur Rahman – the pair aim to make their 3-minute info-tainment videos a fun exploration of learning and lolz.

New episodes every Tuesday!

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Videos Made In Support of A More Scientific Union

#Vote4Science Campaign

This video is brought to you by SEPA & Made in collaboration with A-films. Director: Jaime Puerta. Producer, Consultant: Luis Quevedo

#vote4Science in Washington Square park, nyc



What we do

Science Fare Program

This program looks for interesting and meaningful ways to inspire the public to more deeply consider the role of science policy in our national public dialogue. It does this by not just trying to get the public to relate to basic science, but to fundamentally understand why it matters if these issues are left out of politics. In the bigger picture, we hope these efforts can steadily move us to the goal of a presidential science debate by building a constituency far beyond the science community to advocate for this vital conversation.

Efforts underway include:

A pilot of a TV show that looks into the cultural and sociological reasons we often neglect the importance of science and technology issues in politics featuring a prominent comedian as the host.  

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Premiering Fall 2017

How Science Made America Great – And Can Make It Even Greater:
A 2-part one day event filmed and distributed through YouTube, the first part about what science has contributed to America’s economy, health, and prestige, the second speculating on the future of science in America.

Premiering Fall 2017

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A More Scientific Union

With our fantastic partnership with YouTube Creator Jayde Lovell, host of SciQ we, hosted the pre- election special A More Scientific Union on October 14, 2016. It was the first science-based town hall for the 2016 election and a crucial moment for highlighting science issues this election year to the public. Held at YouTube Space New York, and hosted by The Young Turks, the event arose to fill a specific deficiency in our national public dialogue. Sex scandals, fantasy football, and airports… when are Trump and Hillary going to begin talking about issues that matter? While our politicians talk about a wide range of issues, they rarely, if ever, discuss the ones most centrally responsible for our overall quality of life: science and technology.

Moderator: John Iadarola - The Young Turks


Media panel

Media Panel


Chuck Nice - StarTalk Radio and Comedian Nomiki Konst - SiriusXM Progress

Aaron Carroll - Professor of Pediatrics, New York Times contributor,
YouTube creator

Emily Elert - MinuteEarth on YouTube

Health, Medicine, & Environment

Health Medicine, & Environment panel


Rush Holt: Former Congressman, President of American Association for the Advancement of Science

Harold Varmus - Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (14th Director of NCI (Obama), 14th Director of NIH (Clinton))

Andy Revkin - New York Times journalist and blogger

Mary Woolley - President, Research!America Majora Carter - Original TED Speaker, radio host, founder Sustainable South Bronx


Science Debate is expanding now to fulfill our vision of engaging candidates not just at the presidential level, but also at the congressional, state and local levels. We think now is an ideal time to take on such an effort, since so many critical policy decisions are being made in many cases with a basic disregard for scientific evidence. We are currently recruiting volunteers in each of the 50 states to spearhead these efforts. If you are interested in founding or participating a chapter, please contact us and send a brief description of your interests, capabilities and availability.


While there is a focus on STEM programs throughout this country, there is rarely a focus on developing programs for K-12 children that teach them to understand science in the context of political decision making. We are planning to address this need with programs including engaging science classes in writing their local and state level politicians.