Science Debate has sent the following 20 questions to President Trump and Vice President Biden. We will share their responses here.


YOU AND SCIENCE: What aspect of science has most affected you and your family?

PANDEMICS: Has Covid-19 changed how you think about disease preparedness and if so how?

CLIMATE CHANGE: Do you have plans to address climate change here and abroad?

BIODIVERSITY: What are your views on protecting biological diversity?

OCEANS: What would be your approach to ocean policy?

PUBLIC HEALTH: What role should the Federal government play in public health?

PHARMACEUTICALS: How do you encourage R&D of vital drugs while regulating price and safety?

WATER: How can we ensure that all citizens have access to clean, safe water?

FOOD: What can be done to ensure long-term food security in the United States?

MENTAL HEALTH: What are your plans for mental health education, research, and treatment?

EDUCATION: How important is it to support STEM in public education?

INNOVATION: How can government stimulate economic growth through science and technology?

DIVERSITY: Do you think it is important to recruit more women and minorities into STEM fields?

ENERGY: What energy sources will you prioritize or discourage?

SPACE: What are your plans regarding space exploration and related programs?

THE INTERNET: How can we protect our democratic processes and individual rights to privacy?

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: How do we find a balance between open access and patents?

RESEARCH FUNDING: What are your research funding priorities?

GOVERNMENT SCIENTISTS: Will you recruit more scientists, and if so, will their roles be expanded?

FREEDOM OF SCIENCE: Will you make sure that science and scientists are not silenced?

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