Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation :
There should be a strategic communication campaign to inform the American people of the real health risks. Information should be accurately and consistently provided to the public based on science and research in the field so that the American public will not be misinformed and/or misled.

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation The inefficiency of VA must be reformed to adequately address the needs of veterans. Wasteful spending in the Department of Defense must be reviewed and cut where appropriate - while maintaining the same level of effectiveness - so that more funds will be available for other programs (including veterans’ welfare).

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation The question is clearly worded as a state-level issue. In my opinion, mental health can be partially attributing to the cause of mass shootings and it should be addressed more adequately but gun control should be dealt with separately.

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation Mr. Nguyen does not see a direct cause-effect between the reversal of Roe v Wade and the listed issues.

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation Simply observing the stats may not reveal the actual cause of the higher rates of suicide among LGTBQ youth. A root-cause analysis needs to be considered to address this problem.

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation This is a state-level issue and Mr. Nguyen will respect its appropriation. However, he has an education policy which aims to invest in American youth by providing financial assistance to successful college enrollees and to those who opt for vocational education.

Tuan 'TQ' Nguyen, No Affiliation It is not feasible for the US (not just the economy) to completely move away from fossil fuel. A counterexample is that we may not be able to fly fighter jets with renewable energy in the foreseeable future. Any consideration for the environment should take into account other unrelated threats (job market, financial market, war, geopolitic, etc…). But we definitely must have a transition plan to move from fossil fuel to renewable energy in the areas that we can and we must address it promptly.