Download Mini Grant Information

Science Debate is not currently accepting mini grant proposals at this time. Click here to read about the 2019 recipients.

Science Debate, Inc. (“SD”) requests applications for small, fundable projects (“mini grants”) from community organizers and science policy advocates across the US. At least 10 grants will be distributed to groups interested in organizing efforts and coordinating the mobilization of people to promote discussion of science policy by 2020 presidential candidates and participation in science forums organized by SD.

Examples of relevant activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Organize members and communities to bird dog candidates on science policy issues at town halls and events.
  • Organize members and groups to visit candidate offices and reach out widely via phone, email, and social media campaigns on why science-oriented policies matter to all of us
  • Act as a hub for like-minded regional organizations to coordinate statewide efforts that focus on science policy outreach related to the 2020 election cycle
  • Partner with local media or develop media to cover election relevant science policy
  • Provide support to SD (national) through phone calls, email, support at events and toward planning science leadership forums
  • Launch a SD chapter where you live with specific plans to engage citizens in making science policy part of the 2020 conversation
  • Examples of non-relevant activities:

  • Voter registration drives
  • Speaker series
  • Science policy mixers
  • Local science debates
  • 1-2 page proposals should be sent to and should contain at minimum both of the following components:

  • Description of project and objective goal(s) with at least one measurable metric
  • A short and descriptive budget as to how the funding will be utilized
  • Grants will be valued at $1K-3K, dependant on the scale and scope of the proposal, and it is expected that all funds will be spent within a 9 month period. Proposals will be reviewed as received through February 28, 2019 or until funding for mini-grants has been fully expended. Notification will be provided on social media and on should competition close prior to February 28, 2019. SD staff will offer guidance and mentorship for teams awarded mini grants, with opportunity for renewal and/or further collaboration pending available funding.