Business Leaders

John Abele

Co-founder, Boston Scientific; Founder, Argosy Foundation. Former Board Chair, First (2002-2010)

Jonathan Adler

President, Mediflex Surgical Products

Alfonso Alanis

Majority Founding Partner, Chairman & CEO, Anaclim

Irving Alne

Former President, Lockheed Aircraft International (deceased)

Cindy Angerhofer

Executive Director of Botanical Research, Aveda

Laura Asiala

Vice President Public Affairs, PYXERA Global

Norm Augustine

Senior Advisor at Frontier Group, Former CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp.; former Undersecretary of the Army and chairman of NASA Space Systems and Technical Advisory Board; Member, President George W. Bush's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Greg Barber

President, The Eco Friendly Printer

Gordon Bell

Researcher emeritus (ret.), Microsoft; Principal Researcher, Microsoft; 1991 National Medal of Technology

Stephen Berger

Chairman and founder, Odyssey Investment Partners, former Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Chairman of the Commission on Healthcare Facilities in the 21st Century

Craig Barrett

Faculty, Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona; Former Chairman, Intel

Richard Berman

Founder, President and CEO, LICAS; President and Trustee, New York City Police Museum; Senior Advisor to the Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); President Emeritus, Manhattanville College

Greg Borton

CEO & Founder, Listening Methods

Phillip Brooks

CEO, H. Brooks and Company

Arne Carlson

3G Trustee, Schwan's Food Company, Former Republican Governor of Minnesota; former Chairman, American Express Funds' Board of Directors

Richard Caro

CEO, CMC Associates

Vinton G Cerf

Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

Jennifer Chayes

Distinguished Scientist and Managing Director, Microsoft Research New England and Microsoft Research New York City; Former Research Area Manager for Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Cryptography, Microsoft Research Redmond; Co-Founder, Theory Group

Charles Chidekel

Senior Staff Manager Electrical Engineering & Mission Integration and Test Manager for ICESat-2, Vantage Systems Inc.

Sanford Cohen

Founder and Chairman of the Board, SC&A; Former: President & CEO, S. Cohen & Associates (SC&A) – retired 2008

Daniel Cook

President, Conservation Solutions Corporation

Charles de Seve

President, American Economics Group

Michel Dalal

President & Founder, Nevelex Corporation

Brian Dear

CEO & Founder, Birdrock Digital; Former CEO & Co-founder, Nettle, Inc.; Former Chairman, Eventful

Nicholas Duffek

President, RealEd Solutions

Timothy Early

Managing Partner, Occasional Riot; Former President, Innovate for Profit; Former President & CEO, Technology Hampton Roads

Geoffrey Engelstein

President, Mars International; CEO, Mind Bullet Games

Robert Facchina

CEO & President, Johanna Foods

David Forney

Former Vice President, Motorola; Former President, IEEE Information Theory Society; Adjunct Professor, MIT

Sheila Galloway

Executive Director, Merck Research Laboratories

Philip Gerbino

Strategic Advisor, SCILEX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; President, Arrow Prescription University of the Centers, Health ATOZ Sciences (School of Pharmacy); President Emeritus, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Eric Hedman

CTO, Logic Design Corporation

John Hidley

Co-founder, Behavioral Science Technology

Chris Hinch

Founder, TracPlus Global

James Hollenhorst

Senior Director, Technology, Intellectual Property Strategy, Agilent Technologies

John Hyfantis

President, Energistics

Jake Janovetz

President, Opal Kelly; President, Aligni, Inc.

Mae Jemison

President & CEO, Biosentient Corporation; NASA Astronaut 1987-93

Thomas Kelly

CEO, Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation; Former President & CEO, Moxie Software, Inc.

Stephen Kent

President & CEO, BVK Holdings LLC; Former President & CEO, New Track Media publishers

Elizabeth Kerr

Senior Director, Portfolio Management Office, Genetic, Medical and Applied Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Director of Marketing, Science & Technology, Apple Computer

Bob Kerrey

Client Project Leader, Government Affairs Consulting, Carmen Group; Co-chair Advisory Board, Issue One; President Emeritus, The New School; Former Governor and U.S. Senator from Nebraska

Alan Kriegstein

President, ALA Scientific Instruments

Karen Lackey

Director, Center for Drug Discovery, Medical University of South Carolina; Former Chief Scientific Officer, JanAush, LLC. (also Founder); Former Vice President and Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Roche Pharmaceuticals; Former Vice President, Chemistry, GlaxoSmithKline

Paul Laikind

President & CEO, ViaCyte; Former CBO and Senior Vice President of Business Development, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute; Former CEO, Metabasis TherapeuticsCEO, Metabasis Therapeutics

Brett Levine

Former President, Dovetail Software

Martin Manley

Former Executive Director, Hult International School of Business in San Francisco; Former CEO, Redlink, Inc.; Former CEO Reputation Networks, Inc.; Former Chairman & CEO, Alibris, Inc; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor

James McCarter

Senior Entrepreneur in Residence, BioGenerator; Adjunct Professor of Genetics, Washington University School of Medicine; Former President And Chief Scientific Officer, Divergence

John McDonnell

Former Chairman, CEO & President, McDonnell Douglas; Board Director, Boeing

Michael McQuade

Senior Vice President, Science And Technology, United Technologies Corporation

Richard Meyers

President & CEO, TrakAssure; Founder, President & CEO, Harbor Cay Technology Partners; Former President and CEO, GlobalTrak

Richard Mohring

Senior Quantitative Strategist, Princeton Consultants; Former CTO, Millennium Cell

Christopher Murphy III

Chairman & CEO, 1st Source Bank

Elon Musk

CEO & CTO, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)
CEO & Product Architect, Tesla Motors; Chairman, SolarCity

Albert Nelson

Owner, Sargent Electric; Former COO, Zenergy Power, Inc.

Peter Norvig

Director of Research, Google Inc; Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence; Former head of Computational Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center; Awarded NASA Exceptional Achievement Award in 2001

William Pelton

President, Phoenix GeoExploration, Inc.; President, Phoenix Minacq LLC; President, Phoenix Wyoming International Inc.

Frank Peters

Host, The Frank Peters Show; Chairman Emeritus, Board Of Governors, Tech Coast Angels

Larry Penley

President, Penley Consulting; President Emeritus, Thunderbird School of Global Management; President Emeritus, Colorado State University; Chancellor Emeritus, Colorado State University System

Steve Piragis

Owner, Piragis NorthWoods Company

Linda Plano

Principal & Founder, Plano & Simple

Richard Powers

Chairman American Geoscience Institute Foundation; Managing Partner, Twin Beaver Cattle Co.; Former President & CEO, BCI Engineers & Scientists

Nicholas Pritzker

Chairman and CEO, Hyatt Development Corporation; Advisor, Bay City Capital

Martin Rose

Vice President, Medical Affairs, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical

Srinivas Raman

Vice President, Engineering, Start up Company; Former Vice President, Design Verification, Cypress Semiconductor; Former Vice President, Phoenix Technologies

James Rutt

Trustee, Santa Fe Institute; Director, Proteus Foundation; Former CEO of Network Solutions; former CTO of The Thomson Corporation; business strategist

Richard Sapienza

Sr. Science Advisor, Advanced Applied Research; Former CEO - Sr. Scientist, R&D leader, METSS Corporation

David Sawyer

President, Context

George Scalise

Director, Cadence Design Systems; Former President, Semiconductor Industry Association; Member, President George W. Bush's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; Former Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Administrative Officer at Apple Computer; Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Ben Schwegler

Vice President & Chief Scientist, Walt Disney Imagineering R&D; Consulting Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

Shuvayu Sen

Executive Director, Outcomes Research and Access, Hospital Care & Franchise Outcomes Research and Access Leader, Global OR and Reimbursement, Merck & Co.

Greg Simon

CEO, Poliwogg; Former Senior Vice President, Patient Engagement & Worldwide Policy, Pfizer; former Founding President, Fastercures

Ian Smith

Former CEO, Freeverse

Kurt Stammberger

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Norse; Former Vice President, Marketing, Mocana; Former Vice President, Marketing, Proofspace

Rajiv Tandon

Member Advisory Board of Directors, Bir Network; Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota; Former CEO, Adayana

Richard Templeton

Chairman, President and CEO, Texas Instruments

Bill Teudt

Associate Director, Environmental Health and Safety, Takeda California; Former Manager, Environmental Health and Safety, Pfizer

Mark Thompson

President, Forefront Economics

Beverly Benz Treuille

President, Huber Investment Company; Chairman of the Board, Big Brothers Big Sisters International

Sibley Verbeck

Treasurer, Homeless Services Center; Chairperson, Evergreen Cemetery; Former CEO, The Electric Sheep Company, one of MIT Technology Review's top 100 technology innovators worldwide under the age of 35

Cynthia Wainwright

Former Corporate Philanthropist for J.P. Morgan Chase; Community Leader

Vivian Walworth

President and CTO, StereoJet; Inc.

Mark Weber

President, Founder & Senior Investigator, Fermalogic

Tom Zupancic

Chief Scientific Officer, Applied Biomolecular Technologies, Inc.